Vendor Product Spotlight: Vantage Apparel



This week we are taking another look at Promotional Products Vendor, Vantage Apparel. For more than 35 years, Vantage Apparel has been the top-ranked brand of identity apparel chosen to promote the names and logos of the country’s leading corporations, resorts, golf courses, colleges and casinos. They manufacture and stock nearly 200 styles of fashion apparel designed specifically for our markets.


The product that Vantage has chosen to feature is their new ContrasTees. It’s a new, fun program that lets the customer take advantage of the color-blocking trend. You pick the body color and a contrasting pocket color.  There are hundreds of color combination options to go along with your creative design – you can even do full-chest screen print designs that go under or over the pocket!  The minimum order for this program is 72 pieces with a turnaround of only 2 – 3 weeks!


For more information on Vantage Apparel and their new ContrasTees, click here!

Vendor Spotlight: Arlington Industries




Our next Vendor Product Spotlight features one of our many Business Products Vendors – Arlington Industries.  Arlington Industries is a leading wholesale distributor of OEM and Compatible Imaging Supplies as well as new and Factory Refurbished Office Machines.  Arlington offers one of the largest selections of Mono and Color Imaging Supplies and Solutions.  With over 40 years in the industry, Arlington will be “Your Partner for Imaging Products.”


arlington blog


The Arlington Solution we are featuring is their Control Print MPS Solution.  When you combine Arlington’s Premium Compatible Toners with their full offering of Certified Remanufactured Printers and the Control Print Cloud Based Software, you have a winning MPS Solution and printer Monitoring tool that can help grow your business and keep existing business!  Don’t let MPS come between you and your customers, let it bring you closer.

For more information on Arlington Industries, click here!



Vendor Spotlight: United Stationers


Our second Vendor post for the week features one of our Business Products Vendors, United Stationers. United Stationers is a pure wholesale distributor of business products. They “win from the middle of the supply chain” by enabling the success of their suppliers,  re-seller customers,  associates, and the communities they serve.

One of the great services United Stationers offers is their United Direct service. Take a look at the infographic below for information on why you need to check out United Direct, today!

United Stationers


Want to know more about United Stationers? Click Here to visit their website.

Vendor Product Spotlight: Maple Ridge Farms



Did somebody say sweets?!

One of this week’s Vendor Spotlights is covering Maple Ridge Farms. For 35 years, Maple Ridge Farms has been the leading food gift supplier in the promotional products industry. The Maple Ridge Farms collection of Custom Labeled Gourmet Treats features traditional, gourmet-quality food products in individually-labeled, snack-size packs. These gourmet treats are great for tradeshow handouts, sales calls, blood drives, conventions and meetings, job fairs, community events, and more. Truly, their applications are nearly limitless – let your imagination be your guide! The wide variety of mouthwatering options include Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Oreos®, hand-dipped in your choice of milk, white or dark chocolate as well as Home-Style Cookies and Brownies. Their delectable Chocolate Covered Almonds and Cranberry Walnut Trail Mix are also available in these handy single-serving packs. Each selection in this line from Maple Ridge Farms includes a 4- color process imprint on the label.

mrf 2

mpr3 mrf

Because such delectable treats appeal to a wide audience, they make a memorable medium for brand awareness. Using a high-quality gourmet treat, branded with your client’s logo or information, is a great way to spark an impression. It’s impossible to underestimate the goodwill sharing scrumptious treats can build. They certainly leave a good taste in any recipient’s mouth… literally and figuratively!

Check out this list for the easiest ways to increase your 4th Quarter Sales by selling Maple Ridge Farms! Click Here.

For more information on Maple Ridge Farms, take a look at their website!

Vendor Spotlight: Valley Craft


Valley Craft Industries is one of Indoff’s Material Handling Vendors. Valley Craft designs, develops and manufactures Professional Grade material handling and storage solutions, including a broad array of proprietary and custom products.


The product they chose to feature is The Self-Powered Hydraulic Ultra Grip III. This piece of machinery is the latest innovation in fork-mounted drum handling. The Ultra-Grip III, an industry exclusive to Valley Craft, provides three fully hydraulic proportionally controlled functions that are activated by an ergonomic hand-held pendant. A single set of fully hydraulic jaws automatically adjust to most drums (18″-28″ in diameter). Rotating function offers full 360-degrees rotation for inverting and pouring to both the right and left. Dumping function allows the operator to pour forward 120-degrees. Features infinitely variable speed for optimum control of your load, system pressure gauge and battery discharge indicator with hour meter and clock. Equipped with built-in, 12-volt battery-operated Power-Pak and self contained hydraulics. Wireless remote option available. Batteries and charger are included.

Usable fork tube size: 2-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ x 37-1/2″ Jaw size: 9″ x 15″ Distance between forks: 19-3/8″ 2,000-lbs load capacity.

**Caution should be used when clamping thin walled drums, open-top drums, and smooth sided drums.

Do you want to know more about Valley Craft and this product? Click Here!

Vendor Spotlight: West Point Products






West Point Products Postage Meter Supplies deliver exceptional quality and performance at a great price. Thier extensive product line is fully compatible with the most popular postage meters and comes with a 100% worry free, satisfaction guarantee.

West Point Products has over 10 years of experience in the ink formulation and manufacturing of postage meter supplies. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing processes ensure that their products meet or exceed OEM print quality. NuPost® and ecoPost® are the only aftermarket postage products approved by the U.S. Postal Service and are 100% IP cleared.

West Point’s postage supplies have the same quality and performance as the national brands at a fraction of the cost – in stock, and ready to ship!





If you would like to receive more product information, click here to check out a flyer:

Vendor Spotlight: Visstun




This week we are featuring one of our many Promotional Products Vendors – Visstun.

Since it was founded in 2006, Visstun’s unique method of cup imprinting has propelled promotional cups to a whole new level. Launching the world’s first high-definition convolute cups, Visstun’s state-of-the-art technology has eclipsed traditional cup imprinting methods by first printing high-quality corporate images on flat polypropylene sheets and then forming them into cups on custom engineered machinery. Visstun® has been able to create a visually stunning line of custom cups for every occasion that are sure to leave a lasting impression.
visstun cups

Never before have plastic cups been able to promote your corporate image with such detail and clarity…and they’re only available from Visstun! From dishwasher safe, reusable, Plastic cups to single-use, Paper HOT & COLD cups, Visstun® has a Visually Stunning Cup that lets you Showcase Your Brand, Not Just Your Logo®. 

For more information on Visstun and their products, click here!

B2B: Selling Social


Going “social” is important for any business. Social media sites are valuable tools for customer relationship management and are great for finding new customers. Take a look at the infographic below for a few statistics on how important social media is for  business to business companies.

Let us know how social media has helped your company, below!


Business Infographics 03

Hashtags: Revisited



In honor of “Throwback Thursday” we are taking a look at a post previously featured on our blog! Take a look!


A hashtag is a way to group conversations to see who is talking about your brand, product, event, etc. Think of it as an index at a library. You are indexing your conversations by using a specific title –or tag- which you can reference right away or months down the road.

By using a hashtag in your tweets and posts you are also inviting others to engage in the conversation. By doing so you allow your customers to voice their opinions about your product, post pictures from your event, or even participate in an online contest. Using hashtags also makes it easier to track customer complaints and respond to them in a more timely manner.

To construct a hashtag use the “#” sign at the front of the phrase; do not include any spaces or punctuation. For example, Indoff may use #IndoffCorporateSTL in our tweets to refer to something happening at Indoff’s headquarters. By others adding this hashtag to their tweets the corporate office, and anyone else, can click on the tag and follow the conversation in real-time! Be careful that you don’t overuse hashtags in your posts. Over doing it can make your post unattractive and can confuse your audience

Twitter is known for its use of hashtags, but lately many other social media platforms are starting to follow suit. Sites like Instagram and Tumblr have integrated the tags and rumor has it that Facebook will soon be hashtag compatible as well. This means that learning how to properly use a hashtag, as a company, may become more prominent in the very near future.

Still unsure about what a hashtag actually does? Take a look at these helpful articles below!

Hashtags: What are They and How Do You Use Them?

What Do You Need to Know About Hashtags?

10 Ways to Use Hashtags for Your Business

What are your thoughts on hashtags? Share with us below!


UPDATE: Facebook has since integrated the hashtag “system” into their site!

Indoff’s National Sales Meeting

indoff-logo-template_copy big

During the last week of April, Indoff conducted their National Sales Meeting in downtown St. Louis for the 23rd consecutive year. Sales Partners and Vendors were invited from around the United States to partake in this three day event.

The National Sales Meeting kicked off with registration and social hour on Thursday evening. The next two days provided attendees with Vendor classes, a Vendor show, Corporate classes and an awards dinner. This was the perfect opportunity for Sales Partners, Vendors and Corporate staff to share ideas, success stories and challenges all while reconnecting and meeting new people.

President and CEO of Indoff, Jim Malkus writes, “The Sales Meeting remains the single most important unifying event of the year for our company. We often refer to it as a ‘family reunion’ of sorts, and it is great to see our old friends and catch up on life.”

Indoff’s Partner Program allows its Sales Partners to provide limitless solutions to their customers thanks to Indoff’s administrative, financial and technological support. Their Sales Partners’ knowledge and expertise, access to thousands of vendors and competitive pricing are a few characteristics that make Indoff’s nationwide network successful.