Our Year in Social Media


Over the last year, Indoff has revamped its social media strategy. We are now doing our best to engage not only the Sales Partners, but Vendors, customers, and many other people as well. We have worked hard to come up with inspiring content and highlights that feature our Sales Partners’ successes and happenings within the company. Indoff has developed a presence on sites like Twitter and YouTube and is excited to continue to grow these platforms in 2013!

Indoff’s Social Media Coordinator, Krista Fisher, is excited to see where the New Year will take Indoff in terms of social media.

“I have high hopes for 2013. I want each and every one of our Partners to challenge themselves to join just one platform they are not already a part of. With a little experimenting and practice they will realize the benefits and rewards that it
provides. Our Partners can start small and take a few pictures of projects with
a phone or go big and try to do a video of a masterpiece. Regardless, they won’t know what they’re capable of until they take a chance and just go for it. I love helping our Partners become ‘social’. It’s an even better feeling when they are successful at it!”

Indoff’s ease into the social media world continues to be an adventure for everyone involved. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to get in touch with our market.

What are your social media goals for 2013?


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How Much Is Too Much?

These days, social media is everywhere. There are hundreds of social media sites, all over the internet that keep all of us in touch. It is an amazing technology that has truly defined the way we live our lives.

Organizations love social media for all of its opportunity. It is a great way to connect with past, present and future customers and can act as a platform for any business. Although social media has been proven to be effective, some businesses may find themselves starting to become fragmented in regards to social media. This means that many businesses are finding themselves so saturated in social sites that it is not really benefitting them. The following are a few ways to help any business figure out which social media platform are really right for them.

The first thing any company should take into consideration is their demographics. For instance, if your target market is primarily 18-25 year old males, there may not be a need for your company to have a Pinterest account. Look for the networks that directly relate to your audience and explore those further.

Looking at what the social network can offer is also important. Different social media sites have different strengths and by playing off these strengths, a company can better connect with their targeted customers. Twitter, for example, is great for live events. It offers the user to produce up-to-the-minute statuses that are short and to the point.

A great quote from the article goes on to explain more about social network strengths.

Just because a network has an audience fit with your digital presence and you can see a key strength, it doesn’t mean you have to use it. If your team is small, or perhaps even non-existent, then scaling back to as few networks as you can justify is a wise idea. Figure one or two out first, rather than spreading yourself too thin. 

Using analytics to see your customer’s involvement on your chosen social networks is another great way to decide which social media site are best for your company. RSS feeds and Hootsuite make it easy to track the analytics, update multiple sites, and view site interaction.

The last tip that the article suggests is to find the social media platform that best complement one another. For instance, you can sort photos taken with Instagram on Pinterest.

Overall, don’t give in to the hype. Just because you continuously hear about sites like Instagram, doesn’t mean you need to drop everything and join. You have to take a step back and learn which sites not only best fit your company’s needs, but best engage your customers.

What do you think? Which social media sites do you prefer?