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B2B - Business to Business

With the majority of people interacting on social media daily, it is a no-brainer for companies to get involved and communicate with their customers socially. Sites like Facebook and Twitter can be a playground for many companies. Not only can they gain important customer data, but they can offer discounts, promotions and maybe even spark a word-of-mouth campaign. 

This works great for business-to-consumer companies, but what if your company is the business-to-business type?

If this is the case then you should be approaching the idea of being social a little differently. A recent article examines three things business-to-business companies should be focusing on in their social media strategy.

The first tip is to make sure you are doing more educating than reaching out. Offering helpful, relevant articles and video tutorials lets other companies and vendors learn more about what your company offers. It is a great way to show where you stand in your industry.

The next tip is to turn those promotions into value-saving tools. When you are working with other businesses, it is best to give them information on how they can better serve their customers. Use case studies or statistics to show how a company can effectively engage its customers.

The last tip is to simply keep it professional. Remember, you’re working with other, professional companies. While it’s okay to post light content from time to time, make sure the information you are providing is unbiased and efficient.

What other tips have worked in your business to business social strategy? Share with us below!

Indoff’s Facebook Contest Was A Success!

We are very excited to say we have reached over 500 likes on Facebook! We couldn’t have done it without the support of our Partners, Vendors, and Facebook fans and friends.

After realizing that we were so close to the 500 point, we wanted to do something to celebrate! We created a contest to encourage more friends and fans to like our Indoff Corporate Facebook page. Once we reached the 500 mark, we decided that we would give $500 to either the ALS Association or The Salvation Army and let our 500th ‘like’ choose which charity we would donate to.

500 likes copy

Our 500th like was Codie Cool Kat Norman and, with his blessing, we will be donating $500 to The Salvation Army!

You can visit our Facebook page here! : https://www.facebook.com/IndoffInc

Become Social


Social media, for many of us, has been a prevalent part of our lives. We are used to it and life without it is becoming a distant memory.  For others, though, being present socially is a foreign idea. They may not see the need for social media or simply don’t understand how it works. This can pose a problem if that person has the ability to benefit from a social media presence. (Salespeople, New Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals, etc.)

So how can you start your social journey when you don’t know where to start?

The simplest solution would be to do your research. By reading a little about each site, you can get a feel for the type of interaction they provide for their users.  The majority of the platforms you will be working with are free so take a few hours out of your week and create a profile. They don’t have to be completely put together right away. Once you get a feel for the content you can share and the people you can connect with on the variety of sites, you can decide which platform you would benefit from using.

Of course there are other ways to determine which social media site is right for you and your name or company. Take a look at an article from the editors of CRM Magazine for more great tips!

Increasing Webpage Traffic

When someone starts a business or a service, one of their first instincts may be to get some sort of online presence. Most will decide to start a company website where they will spend countless hours getting it “just right”. Unfortunately, though, looks aren’t everything. Making your website searchable, no matter what the website is for, is crucial if you want site traffic. Using keywords and links are a good start to increasing the number of visitors, but that shouldn’t be your sole tactic.

There are several tips and tricks, according to a recent article, that you can incorporate into your online strategy. The article goes into everything from using social media buttons and blogging to using webmaster tools and regularly publishing content. Check out the infographic below for a quick overview!


Steps To Successfully Update Your Profile


Do you have a personal or company profile on a site like Facebook or Twitter, but haven’t had the time to get involved with it or are new to the social media scene all together?

Think of your profile as if it were an actual person. From time to time, we all need to take a minute for ourselves. Whether it’s buying a new suit for work or setting a new goal to achieve, it is good to revamp – or update- your image and what you want for yourself.

There are a few simple steps, specifically, that will ease the transition from the “old” you on social media to the “new” you.

According to an article on 12most.com, the first three steps are as simple as updating your profile picture, cover picture and “about me” section. Being relevant will let your followers know you are constantly present on social media.

The next two steps are to evaluate which sites would best benefit you and your company and who you should be sharing your content with. Not all social media sites will best fit your company; it’s up to you to decide where your target audience lies and how to approach them. When it comes to deciding who to “share” with, think about the type of relationships you want to build. For example, Facebook is great for up close and personal relationships, whereas Twitter and LinkedIn are better for building a network.

Next is consistency. If you post a mere once a week, chances are that people may forget about you. By creating schedule, you can maintain your presence and have a better chance of staying on your audience’s mind.

These six steps are an easy way to jump-start your page. For the next six steps, check out the original article here: http://bit.ly/10fpWpg


Finding The Right Time To Post

Do you ever feel like the content you post on your social media sites isn’t getting as much attention as you think it should be getting? The problem may not be whether or not your content is relatable; it could be the time that you are posting it. There are several tools you can use to track interaction and keep track of what is most popular among your followers. Although this infographic (from Social Media Today) can’t track your activity, it does provide some great guidelines on timing. Take a look!


Creating An Online Presence


Years ago, the internet was such a new concept that the majority of the public didn’t have direct access to it and using it to find a job was unheard of. Now, fast forwarding to present day, an online presence is in some cases crucial to even being considered for a position. From online portfolios to professional profiles, we are slowly becoming accustomed to putting our work history and experience on the web for anyone and everyone to see. In fact, recruiters are using this information to contact potential prospects now more than ever.

So what will happen to resume writing and hard copies down the road?

Well, a recent article suggests that there will be no need for those in the coming years. Your online presence may be enough for employers to decide whether or not they want you on their team. Social networking is becoming a norm and many companies are beginning to ask for inquires via email only; no phone calls.  This means your presence on social media sites and the resume you build for yourself online needs to be a memorable and appropriate one.

Of course the most important part of this “new age” job search is creating a sense of passion for the position. Passion communicates that you are not only interested in the job, but would put forth your best effort if you were selected. According to the author of the article, “…Employers like to see people who are enjoying their work because they will be more productive and help foster a stronger corporate culture.” So, since meeting face to face and talking seem to not be an option until the interview process begins, a positive and professional presence throughout the internet is crucial!

Do you agree with the article? Why or why not?

What’s So Great About Going Social?


Everyone has those days where we ask ourselves, “What is so great about social media?” and “Yes, it keeps us connected, but does it really work?”

The answer is yes. According to a recent article on Forbes.com, a social media presence will directly benefit your marketing plan and brand for several different reasons.

Brand recognition is probably the most important reason. Companies like Pepsi or Apple are invited into our homes because we know them. They are brands that have a trusted image and a reputation to match. Getting your brand onto platforms like Facebook and Twitter may not get you to Steve Jobs’ status, but it will allow potential users to get to know a little more about the company behind the brand.

This also allows for repeat exposure and a chance to develop your brand within your community. By connecting with customers and other members in your community, you can easily find out what is important to them by looking at their “likes”, posts, etc. If you can tap into those niche markets, you have the potential to touch a whole new customer base.

Some may forget that social media sites can help generate traffic to your own, company web pages. By providing links, you can easily turn a status update into an invitation to visit your home page and consistently stay on the forefront of your customers mind.

For more reasons why your company should stay involved in social media, take a look at the rest of the article!

Do you have any success stories when it comes to social media? What has been working for your brand? Share with us, below!

Don’t Get Burnt Out


As the times change and technology keeps advancing, we tend to become absorbed in media and some of us may eventually become burnt out. In fact, many people that I have talked to in the past have admitted to checking their phone or opening their laptops first thing in the morning, every morning. They feel the need to know what has happened in the world since their head last hit the pillow.

This can become problematic seeing as many people have to use some sort of social media to keep in contact with customers, clients, vendors, etc. throughout the day.

So how can we still connect without getting overrun by the same old routine? An article from Social Media Today explains a few easy ways to keep you and your content fresh as you continue to climb up the social media ladder.

Being present on every platform isn’t necessary. Making sure you are only focusing on the social media channels that best represent your customer base is important. Say, for instance, you are running a manufacturing warehouse. You may want to have a Facebook account that you update daily with projects and products, but a Pinterest account wouldn’t really serve you or your customers needs.

Don’t make people wait. If you have the previously mentioned Facebook account, chances are a viewer may comment on a picture or status update. Carving out a few minutes each day to consistently check and respond to your viewers will keep them from feeling that your page has been abandoned.

By planning out a weekly or monthly social media timeline, you create the chance to think about what you are going to post and to make the content strong. While posting day-by-day is okay, you run a bigger chance of your information looking careless or irrelevant.

Realize what you can and cannot do well. If you aren’t a good writer, stick to using sites like Twitter where you can link interesting articles and videos to a very short, character limited blurb. If you’re good in front of a camera, try using YouTube to give your customers updates. This causes you less stress and allows the customer to continue to get the information they need.

Finally, when you have the chance, put everything aside. Whether it’s your personal account or a professional one, taking a break from social media is so important. It will give you a chance to clear your mind and may even help you come up with new ideas for content down the road!

How do you keep yourself from a social media burnout? Share your tips and tricks below!